Can the Steelers Rebound and Win in Kansas City?

Going from the Steelers performance last week against Jaguars to facing the top team in the league in Kansas City does anyone believe Pittsburgh has a chance to win this game? This Steelers writer believes so. It all goes back to the 2016 season where the Steelers beat the Chiefs twice. The second one coming in the AFC Playoffs where the Steelers kicked 6 field goals to win the game. The point is that the Steelers know the game plan to beat the Chiefs.

The 2017 Chiefs personnel is fairly similar to the previous years, with Kareem Hunt being the only major addition. The Chiefs defense hasn’t been the same since losing Eric Berry earlier this season. Their defense ranks below average in both rushing yards (20) and passing yards per game (28). However the story of success for Kansas City revolves around Alex Smith and the offense. Smith has been playing at a MVP caliber level and Hunt has played at a high level improving each and every week.

So, how will the Steelers defense, who can’t stop a nose bleed, stop the high fly Chiefs offense? They will get back to Steelers defensive basics, which is stopping the run. Look for the Steelers to bring one or two more players in the box to stop Hunt, who has the most broke tackles in the league this year. The secondary has been phenomenal, leading the league in passing yards per game.

On the offensive side, the Steelers know they are facing the top scoring offense in the league and will need to put up some points to have a chance to win. This all starts with Ben Roethlisberger, he will need to have better chemistry with his receivers than he did last week. The offense took shots early against the Jaguars last week, look for them to do that again and put some pressure on Kansas City early.

The key determinant to which team will win this game is the rushing attack. Both teams have poor rush defenses and stout running backs. By now everyone know who Hunt is, but Le’Veon Bell has been relatively quiet all season. The Steelers need a big game out of Bell on Sunday, look for him to have around 30 touches. If the defense is able to bottle up Hunt and limit the Chiefs offense look for this game to go down to the wire. The Steelers have all the ability to win this game, but it starts up front. Be sure to tune into this game, it’ll be a good one.

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