Calvin Johnson: The Leader of the Lions

Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson needs to have that special season as he did last year to keep the Lions’ post season hopes alive. Last season he caught over 122 passes for 1964, which had broken an NFL record. Johnson had some highlight real catches and put him in the position of being the best receiver on the field.johnson

Despite the hype surrounding the wide receiver, Johnson needs to be the leader of the team like he is capable of being. Sources around the league have said Johnson is very humble and doesn’t really speak unless it is matter that needs to be dealt with. There has to be some ground with Johnson barking at his teammates if they had a miscue on their end or need some type of spark that could make the players want to play. 

Johnson needs to be more vocal; for an example look at Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant who gets his teammates’ blood running after a bad play or when they are down and out.  He gives them that extra push to get them excited to make a big play down the field.

Even though the numbers do not lie the Lions shouldn’t be missing the playoffs with their stacked up offensive and defensive players. They have talent all across the field, but something is not matching up. It is horrific that the last playoff appearance that the Lions attended was in 2011.

The key to any victory is teamwork and leadership and Johnson needs to express to his teammates that they need to go out there and perform to the peak of their potential. He has been the knight and shining armor for his team since the Lions drafted him and desperately needs a supporting cast that could get them over their playoff slumps. Say what you want about this team, but Johnson will have this team energized this season.

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