Calais Campbell and Friends Golfing for a Cause #GivingBack



Calais Cambell, Cam Jordan, Dan Williams photographer Mike Yduarte


If you asked anyone which locations are the best to enjoy beautiful weather and a game of golf, Phoenix Arizona would be on that list.  Arizona Cardinals DE Calais Campbell hosted his CRC Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic April 11, 2014 at the Ocotillo Golf Resort in Chandler (just SE of Phoenix) and had some help from fellow players Michael Floyd, Dan Williams, Sam Acho, Daryl Washington and Cardinals coaches Bruce Arians, Todd Bowles, Brenston Buckner, NFL stars Cam Jordan, Will Smith, Fox Sports analyst host Kirk Morrison, and many more. The star-studded two-day event kick-offs with a VIP reception event Thursday, April 10 in Chandler.

“It’s good to come together for a good cause: you go into the off season, you travel, and you’re gone for a while. Sometimes, you need a good reason to bring everyone back together.

I invited some of my teammates, and coaches, and just different people. I’m thankful for everyone coming out and supporting me, and to see what I’m trying to do in this community and helping these children.

It’s just kind of cool to come back for a good reason, and to get together before we get going for football.”

Campbell, who is no stranger in lending a helping hand, always seems to bring a smile to those around him. Immediately after walking into the room at the reception, cameras surrounded the 6’8 giant and he quickly began to make everyone laugh. As he walked towards the cameramen and photographers he did his best interpretation of a model on the catwalk… posing for photos and even busting out with a slight spin.

Arizona Cardinals Calais Campbell Photographer Mike Yduarte

More about the CRC Foundation:

The CRC Foundation is a non-profit, 501c(3) organization established in 2010 to teach skills that are not typically learned in a traditional classroom setting that are necessary for real life, such as accounting, budgeting, drug and alcohol awareness, cooking, diversity awareness, and writing.  Future CRC classrooms will use the facilities as an alternative to negative activities in the community. Students will also have the opportunity to shadow mentors from the community, participate in sports and develop creative talents.


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