Buffalo Bills Great Jim Kelly Champions and Draft Dreams

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The Buffalo Bills have not made the playoffs in thirteen years. They have finished in last place in the AFC East each of the past five years, and have hired yet another new coach in former Syracuse University head coach Doug Marrone. Their loyal fan base is still BILLieveing however, that any year can be the year. That optimism is not guaranteed to last however, and according to the greatest player in franchise history, quarterback Jim Kelly, the Bills need to nail this upcoming draft in order to have a shot at snapping the extended playoff draught.

“We got to start drafting players that we keep around,” Kelly told Pro Player Insiders Melissa Mahler where she caught up with him at the NFL Honors Award Ceremony. “Not draft them and two years later they’re gone. We have to have consistency in keeping players we select in the draft.”

Kelly also shared that as owner Ralph Wilson turns 95 in 2013, both the players as well as the front office want to win now to please the Bills only owner in franchise history as well as the devoted fan base.

“The players and the management that have been around enough, they want to do it for [Mr. Wilson.]”Kelly said. “Of course the players want to do it for the city because we haven’t been to the playoffs, and when you have that comradery sooner or later it’s going to turn around, but hopefully it’s sooner rather than later, because it’s been a long time.”

One of Kelly’s favorite target’s was passed again this year on being inducted into the Hall of Fame. That player is receiver Andre Reed, who had a great career in Buffalo during the glory days of the early 90’s. Kelly thought some thing this year would help open the door for Reed in 2014.

“Chris Carter made it which is good because now that logjam is gone and Chris is in giving Andre a better shot next year.” Kelly said. “We all knew as former players that every time there are three receivers like that, they keep cutting each other out so at least one of them got in giving Andre a better chance next year.” In his career, Reed had 951 receptions for 13, 198 yards and 87 touchdowns in fifteen seasons for the Blue and Red. In 21 playoff games, he added 85 receptions for 1,229 yards and 9 touchdowns. Reed may be best remembered for his 8 catch 136 yard and 3 touchdown performance on January 3rd 1993, when the Bills completed the greatest comeback in NFL history in the wild card round of the playoffs at home against the Houston Oilers.

Kelly remains an active member in Buffalo, as he attends games on a regular basis, and is rumored to be possibly taking on a larger role in the years to come. For now however, he just shares the wishes of every Bills fan, which is a productive offseason that leads to the end of the longest playoff draught of any team in the NFL.

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