Buffalo Bills’ Get Franchise Quarterback

!Buffalo Bills!1Finding a franchise quarterback in the NFL draft is far from an exact science has been compared to many things throughout the years . In Buffalo, they have been searching for one since Jim Kelly retired. It would appear that they will have their best chance to get one this year. Outside the Adpro Sports Field house in Orchard Park, many season ticket holders gathered to find out if they indeed will get it right and discussed their thoughts.

Vince from Tonawanda compared this draft Christmas morning. He said “It’s like I’m pretty sure my parents, er Santa Claus, got me a bike for Christmas, but I’m not sure what kind. 10 speed, 12 speed, mountain bike, banana seat…I’m sure it will be better than the one I have, but will it really be the one that’s best for me long-term. And I’m not even sure which one I like best.”

Tessie from Amherst thought it was more like the home opener. “You’re excited, you’re nervous. You’re not quite sure what to expect from the team, but you’re hoping for the best,” she said “You want a good product on the field, you want to be entertained, but in the long run, you would suffer through a bad game or two if knew it would pay off in the long run. That’s what this draft is like,” she continued. “I would take a losing season if I knew we hit on the franchise quarterback of the future.”

A third individual had another comparison. Rob from North Tonawanda likened it to his wedding day. “I remember feeling that day, the same way I do right now. I was excited and anxious and had some nervous anticipation because I wanted everything to run smoothly and make sure there was nothing that could happen that would upset that day.” On being confident that the right choice was being made, he said, “I’m have a ton of faith in McDermott and Beane, just like I was 99.9 % sure I was making the right choice on my wedding day…but, whether it’s just butterflies or human nature, a tiny bit of doubt creeps in. I’m feeling that right now. I guess we’ll see how it goes in the next few hours. Here’s hopin’…Go Bills!”

Inside the fieldhouse, cheers and boos accompanied each of the first six picks but then the place erupted when the trade alert came across the massive TV, then it got silent as everyone held their breathe. When Josh Allen was announced there was an obvious split with the crowd. Many cheered out loudly while others shook their heads and moaned. Some just stared at the TV and pondered what this all meant.

When it was all said and done, Vince said, “I got my bike, but just like Christmas in Buffalo, I’m going to have to wait a few months before I get to ride it.”

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