Buffalo Bills: Fun ‘n Names

Training camp is a very serious business. Coaches get to evaluate talent, players are afforded the opportunity to get back into game shape, and for those on the bubble this time could mean the difference between a lucrative NFL contract, a mediocre CFL contract, or even the end of a dream. However, we as fans don’t need to take it as seriously as the players and coaches. We can take a step back and have some fun with the training camp experience, and that’s what we will do here today.

The following is a top five list of individuals who should make the roster based on their name alone. Although there’s a good chance that some or all of these individuals will make the roster, this list has nothing to do with statistics.

#5) Mo Porter- Fans of music in Buffalo, especially those who like the Doors, might recognize this name. There is a band of the same name that plays many bars and festivals in the Buffalo area. For this reason, he should make the Bills roster.

Mo Porter

#4) Star Lotulelei and Owa Odighizuwa- These two names might be difficult for national broadcasters to say and visions of the Bills Mafia members playing a drinking game involving these names fill the air. Drink once each time the name is said, drink twice if the announcer says it wrong.

Star LotuleleiOwa Odighizuwa

#3) Ray-Ray McCloud- One can already hear the call as Chris Berman-like analysts  call the highlights…there goes Ray-Ray in a McCloud of dust. Or the signs hanging at New Era Field: Welcome to our HOUSE, where the weather is always partly Mc-CLOUD-y.

Ray Ray McCloud

#2) Xavier Woodson-Luster- This one makes the list just because it is a cool name and very fun to say.

Xavier Woodson-Luster

#1) Mike Love and Gerhard de Beer- No Buffalo man cave, no Buffalo Sports bar, no screen saver would be complete without the photo of these two standing next to each other in their jerseys…Love de Beer.

Buffalo Bills

Now that we have had a little fun, it’s time to get back to work and figure out who is going to fill out the roster. Time to get serious!

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