Bill Belichick Praises the Eagles’ As A Whole

Bill Belichick is not known to shy around any questions that media have asked during Super Bowl week, but he has given a lot of praise to the Philadelphia Eagles as a whole.

“I have a lot of respect for the Eagles and their team, said Belichick. “They are the hardest opponents that we have to face. They know how to attack you with their speed on the outside. They have guys on the defensive side that can make plays for them and they just know how to attack you.”

The Eagles are recognized for their scoring ability, as well as their defense that as ranked in the top 5 this season. Offensively, in order to neutralize the running attack that the Eagles like to use, the Pats have to put pressure on Nick Foles and make sure that they force Foles to throw the ball. Foles has been the highest and hottest QB in the playoffs with having a QB rating over 100, but the Pats needs to be aggressive with getting Foles out of his comfort zone. Foles is not that comfortable throwing from his right side, so the Pats have to force him to that side.


However, the Pats are no stranger to a team that has a great offense, as well as the defense. Last season they faced the Falcons in the Super Bowl and completely took the hope out of  Atlanta in the second half because they became more aggressive with the playcalling. That is the same ingredients that the Pats need to have to make sure they secure their sixth ring in the 20th century.

The Pats have a special weapon in Tom Brady. When you do not put pressure on Brady, he has let it be known that he will torch a defense if they give him time in the pocket. Brady has overcome so many obstacles and yet he rises to the occasion. It will b interesting to see the plan that the Pats will come up with to stop the Eagles

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