Bears John Gilmore Commemorates Career in Art

John Gilmore just retired and his wife Rebecca had me do this painting to commemorate his career.

Gilmore was drafted in 2002 by the Chicago Bears, where he played the first six years of his career.  He followed that with three years in Tampa Bay and finally last season with the New Orleans Saints.  All three of the NFL teams he played with are commemorated in the painting.

When Rebecca saw it for the first time she said, “It is amazing. I can’t believe it’s a painting. It turned out better than I could have ever imagined. Your painting is something we will have in our home forever.”

John chimed in to say, “Like a referee with a whistle, I see you Rob! I appreciate it man. You’re blessed with a gift.”


Gilmore is also known for his community support efforts.  In 2010, along with quarterback Chad Henne (who attended high school with Gilmore), Gilmore established the Gilmore / Henne Community Fund which focuses on improving recreational facilities and providing scholarships for local high school students in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

To learn more about Rob click here.

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