Talking Autism and NFL Playoffs with Dawn Neufeld

Theresa Villano of Pro Player Insiders shares Part II of our interview series with NFL insider Dawn Neufeld.  Dawn candidly speaks out about Autism, which is a topic close to her heart.  She also gives us the low down on her NFL playoff projections.

To hear more about Dawn’s Walk with Autism listen to this:

Pro Player Insiders:  Autism is close to your heart because of your beautiful son.  What was the latest event or call to action or awareness you participated in?

Dawn Neufeld:  Well, most recently we participated in a walk for autism speaks.  Our team was able to raise an excess of 5,000 dollars. We’ve been really involved in Autism awareness.  They do some wonderful things and a lot of research.  They’re really trying to pick up on the emotional side of it for the families.

DN (cont):  I encourage people to visit their website  We’re looking at possibly, sometime in the spring next year, doing a football camp for autistic children here in the area. We want to give these kids a chance to get on the football field with some NFL players. Then also get their parents to come together.  This allows them to meet people that are going through the same things.  It would be merely allowing the kids for an hour or two to just run free and do normal kid things.

PPI:  Let talk football …..Which NFL team are you pulling for with the NFL season almost over?

DN:  Of course we gotta cheer for the hometown Cowboys.  But back in the day it was who was paying Ryan.  We have friends all over the NFL.  We’re also really pulling for Denver to have a good year.

PPI:  What are the top 3 players you are pulling for?

DN:  I actually have a fantasy team but Robert Griffin III is really exciting he is doing an awesome job out there.  It’ll be interesting to see what he does in Washington.  I think watching Peyton Manning, Denver is always interesting to watch, and Jason Witten is on my fantasy team.  I keep waiting for one of those really big games to come. Those are the main three people I’m watching.  I really enjoy watching the old teammates from Buffalo like Fred Jackson and Chris Kelsay continuing to do such amazing things on the field. It’s always fun to keep up with old teammates to see how they’re doing.

PPI:  Are there any current NFL wives you have spoken to this season?

DN:  I’ve spoken with Fred’s (Jackson) wife, Danielle, especially after he got hurt.  Just checking in to see how he was holding up.  Mainly, I keep in touch with my different friends around the league that are close to me.

PPI:  Who do you think will make it to the playoffs or Super Bowl?

DN:  The surprise this year is Houston.  If they can keep it up and keep playing the way they are they’ll be able to make it to the big game.  Will just have to wait and see.

PPI:  How much bigger is football in Texas than in California?

DN:  In Allen, Texas, where they built that 60 million dollar high school football stadium… it’s a different type of football down here. I would be concerned if I had a son to play here in Texas to be in full pads at such a young age.  People are having their kids in pads at such early ages playing tackle football. Listen below for more:



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