The Arrival of Peterson.


In an attempt to save their season, the Cardinals have acquired future Hall of Fame Running Back Adrian Peterson from the New Orleans Saints for a conditional 6th round draft pick. It seems this is another one of those famous General Manager Steve Keim, “low risk, high reward” transactions. Cardinal Fans can look at this in one of two ways, ether you’re a believer in the “low risk, high reward” mentality or believe the Cardinals are 10 years too late – I’m undecided, but as a realist I fear it’s the latter. Although, many believe that Peterson does indeed have some gas left in the tank others are skeptical that he can do anything behind an atrocious offensive line.

Peterson as a member of the Minnesota Vikings.


The Good “Low Risk, High Reward”:

-       Running Back Adrian Peterson supplies a form of respect regarding the running game for the Arizona Cardinals. As a former first team All-Pro Running Back along with the NFLs MVP honors opposing defenses must entertain the possibiliy that Peterson can still produce.

-       The Cardinals gave up next to nothing for a former MVP. With this attempt at least, we know as Cardinal fans that they aren’t ready to just roll over and give up on the season.

-       The Cardinals are clearly trying to become a more balanced Offense and adding a big (6’ 1” 220 pounds) Running Back tells Cardinal fans that they are committed to making opposing defenses stack the box and open up the passing game.

-       Lastly, the addition of the former MVP is not only a way to improve the product on the field, but it is also a way to improve the mentality of the players in the locker room. As a Player being put in a subpar (2-3 record) team the outlook for the rest of the season doesn’t seem bright. However, when you add a household name like Adrian Peterson the spirits of the players tend to skyrocket.

-       Having a future Hall of Fame Running Back should really light a fire under the offensive line. No offensive lineman wants to be the reason why Peterson can’t escape the back field because they can’t hold a block.


Adrian Peterson Minnesota Vikings
Peterson slashing through opposing defenses.

The Bad “10 years too late”:

-       The Cardinals are no strangers to bringing in older Running Backs so they can end their careers here, – Edgerrin James, Emmit Smith.  So, bringing in a 32-yeard old Adrian Peterson may frighten Cardinal fans that think this is just another one of those experiences.

-       The Arizona Cardinal locker room obviously gets along very well and has very high chemistry. Something that may concern Cardinal fans is the headache that is Adrian Peterson  can bring because of his outspokenness – although a change of scenery could affect that in a positive manner.

-       I would assume that the Arizona Cardinals do not want to continue to be the franchise where old players come to retire, but if this doesn’t work out the Arizona Cardinals could have a tough time bringing in veteran free agents.


-       Overall, after Adrian Peterson completely ran all over the field against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, there is no reason not to be optomistic. Even if this doesn’t turn out to be vintage AP, the Cardinals gave up next to nothing for the former All-Pro Running Back. However, if the Cardinals found a diamond in the rough, then watch out because with a return of David Johnson the Cardinals could turn into a dangerous team.

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