Arizona Cardinals Week 3 Recap

To some fans the Cardinals rocky 0-3 start to the season might come as a surprise, however; this is anything but news to me. The Cardinals are just simply outmanned week in and week out. Arizona tried to mask the fact that they are in a rebuilding year, but let’s just call it what it is, the Cardinals are a rebuilding franchise in 2018. It was very clear to see this over the weekend when the Cardinals lost to a decent Chicago Bears team and I believe the front office finally saw this and realized that 2018 won’t be the Cardinals year to compete.

David Johnson gets stopped in his tracks by two Bears defenders.


The Cardinals got off to a fast start -as they should whenever they play at home- jumping all over the bears 14-0. Throughout the game, the Bears eventually found their groove and dismantled the very predictable Cardinal offense and climbed back into the football game, ultimately defeating the Cardinals 16-14. There was plenty of blame to go around for the loss on Sunday at State Farm Stadium – although I thought the Cardinals did some good. The biggest positive to be taken from the Cardinals loss would be the benching of Quarterback Sam Bradford to focus on the development of Rookie Josh Rosen. I believe the next person’s job that should be revoked is Cardinals Offensive Coordinator, Mike McCoy. With little or no adjustments being made throughout the season I believe the time for McCoy to hang up the clipboard has come, and the Cardinals need to find someone else to pair Rosen with.

Josh Rosen
Josh Rosen drops back to pass against the Chicago Bears.

The focus should be very evident for the Cardinals as they start their planning for the 2019 NFL Season. Priority number one is to start the development of Quarterback Josh Rosen now so that he can be groomed into a better professional come the start of next season. The development of Rosen is a key factor for the Cardinals future, I believe the second biggest priority is to surround Rosen with some talent on the offensive side of the football, and that starts with the dreadful offensive line play. If the Cardinals can’t get people to block for the Rookie then he’ll never reach his full potential.

The Arizona Cardinals begin their obvious rebuild this week with a familiar opponent. It’s Seattle week in the dessert and everyone is hungry for a victory. What better way for the rookie Quarterback to make a statement than by beating the Cardinals sworn enemy in his very first start as a professional in the NFL?

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