Arizona Cardinals Humanitarian Larry Fitzgerald Serves Up Goodness

Larry Fitzgerald and sonPro Player Insiders is dedicated to obtaining the inside scoop of the high profile athletes in the NFL, past and present. We recently caught up with star wide receiver of the Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald, to discuss some of his great charitable contributions in the community. The future Hall-of-Famer was hosting his annual Fitz’s Supper Club Celebrities at Your Service dinner at Dominick’s Steakhouse in Scottsdale, geared to raise money for “The First Down Fund” which has been in operation for the last six years. Fitzgerald has a very humble servant spirit about him, and the genuineness of his efforts shines through like the smile on his face.

Dressed in a waiter apron button to the neck, the receiver was ready to serve his guest along with a few of his dedicated teammates. We asked Larry to give our readers a little bit of what this event was about and his vision behind it, “The purpose is to eradicate breast cancer altogether, I lost my mother and an aunt to be expected, other family members and a lot of other people that I know of have lost their lives to it, that first and foremost” said Fitzgerald.

There is a saying that says that one man can make a difference; and today’s youth is the starting place to teach that concept too, Fitz has been a catalyst for today’s youth as he continued in our conversation “Fostering hopes and dreams of the youth, with so many people along the way that helped me get where I’m at, I just want to make sure I do the same for the next generation” Today’s influenceable youngsters are in good hands with the display of moral responsibility and self-control that Fitz has shown since he entered the league, and of course football being the avenue that allowed him to lead by example.

A role model for the youth and also a great example to his teammates, which came out to support him in his cause. First, fellow humanitarian Calais Campbell, along with Jarrod Powers, Michael Floyd, Dan Williams, Brittan Golden, Lyle Sendlein, and of course ex- quarterback and close friend Kurt Warner. All showed up in style and walked the red carpet in support of the cause, and later would help in the serving of the guest participating in the event.
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Football being on hold for a short time we managed to get in one question in that regard, as we asked about the goals for the upcoming season. Being the humble quite man he is, Fitz gave us the respectful “nice try” as he explained “I do set goals and personal goals like that, but I always keep my goals to myself so I never take away what we are trying to accomplish as a team” very well said. We had predicted the receiver to have a big year and gave him our projected numbers; 1,100 yards 90-100 balls, and with the offense looking the way it looked early, those numbers may not be far off. Maybe we can revisit this prophecy with the humbled one after the vision becomes reality.

Regardless of his numbers, one man has made a difference in many ways than one, and a grateful community of fans in the Valley are hoping to see him in Arizona next year, as that seemingly impossible contract will raise its ugly head at seasons end.


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