Arizona Cardinals’ Big Red Tailgate

The Arizona Cardinals kicked off a great spring tailgate with the Big Red Rib and Music Festival right outside the University of Phoenix stadium. The tailgate featured a live television show broadcasted on Arizona Fox Sports.

The Spring Tailgate featured music, and cheers from the Cardinal cheerleaders themselves. Fans had the opportunity to meet with Big Red, Fox Sports robot also eat all the food they can think of.  Adults and kids a like had a blast at the event. The Cardinals provided a carnival with lots of kids’ rides, free of charge to all fans Thursday night. It was a night of laughs and fun but most of all a night to get ready for the upcoming 2014 season.



The Party didn’t stop there, to cap the night off the fans where the studio audience of a live television show. Hosts Paul Calvisi and Ron Wolfley recapped on the offseason along with the draft, training camp, and the upcoming 2014 football season. To join him were the Arizona Cardinals president Michael Bidwill, General Manager Steve Keim and Head Coach Bruce Arians. Special guests included the new left tackle Jared Valdheer and safety Tyrann Mathieu.

Tyrann Mathieu Arizona Cardinals

Mathieu came out and was greeted by all his fans with loud cheers and girl-like shrieks. He took a few pictures with some cheerleaders and then headed for the stage. Mathieu discussed his draft experience and pointed out that he didn’t want to cry in front of the whole world because he had a Honey Badger reputation to protect. He also stated that he is excited for the Monday night football game at home against the San Diego Chargers September 8 ,2014. Mathieu hopes to come off the injury list to be able to play in that game.

Asked by a fan Via Twitter:

“As a rookie how valuable is it to have a mentor like Patrick Peterson and other vets?”

Tyrann mathiey Arizona Cardinals- Photographer Trish Scott“It’s extremely valuable, not as much as football but decently life outside of football it could be rough for a rookie coming into the league and coming to a new city. It’s always great to have a guy that’s been there and who’s done that, who definitely had a reputation to protect. I was great full to have Patrick.”





One fan asked the president of the Arizona Cardinals, “How good would it be to play in the Super Bowl at home next February?”

Arizona Cardinals mike bidwellMichael Bidwill replied, “It would be outstanding—a dream come true for all of us. I think that would be the most special thing, and it’s very exciting to have that. It’s a goal and right within our reach.”

Another fan asked Steve Kiem , “How much does the combine performance of the draftee play into their big board placement versus college scouting?”

Arizona Cardinals General Manager Steve Kiem Photographer Trish Scott“We try to spend the majority of the time watching tape. Because what you see on tape to me is what reallymatters. Sometimes the physical traits are always important from a size- speed standpoint. But I don’t think you want to get too consumed in that area. It’s been well documented guys like Antoine Bolden came out he ran 4-7-2 but at the end of the day he was a fantastic player. If you don’t have the physical traits we ideally look for, you have to have compensating ability,” Kiem stated.

One fan asked head coach Bruce Arians, “Which current cardinal has the most potential to be a future head coach?”

Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians Photographer Trish Scott

“I think there are a number of guys. I would think Lorenzo Alexander is one of those guys. He plays so many positions, he’s so passionate about the game, and he loves still playing on those special teams. I see him teaching young Guys now, especially on special teams drill. He’s always teaching and helping,” Arians responded.




Another fan asked Jared Valdheer,”Do you have any good Carson Palmer stories from your days in Oakland?”

Arizona Cardinals Jared Valdheer Photo by Trish Scott“He’s definitely an O-line man’s guy, he loves hanging out with is. He golfs with the o-line man, goes out to dinner with us. Where his guys and in return we feel that sense of comrades with him, where we want to get him protected and we’re not going to let him get hurt.”





Throughout the night, the amazing experience kept growing. Fans asked numerous questions on Twitter so they could be answered, there were performances from the cheerleaders, and prizes were thrown into the crowd by Big Red.

Arizona Cardinals Fans

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