Andrew Luck’s Return to Houston a “Business Trip”

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This past Sunday was supposed to be special for Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck. Graduating from Stratford High School in Houston in 2008, it was supposed to be a “Homecoming” of sorts for the rookie, but the Texans and JJ Watt would have none of it.

Luck’s day began with two incomplete passes and a three and out, as the Texans defensive pressure began to show early.  Down 10 – 0 before getting the ball back, Luck found his hometown was not very welcoming, as he left a Hometown Hero in 2008 to return as the leader of Houston’s biggest NFL rival.  The Reliant Stadium Crowd (2nd largest attendance ever) was quick to get in his ear and remind him he was now the Enemy.

The second drive began quickly with a sack by Texans DE Antonio Smith, and a sack by DE JJ Watt, as the Texans were determined to ruin Luck’s day.

As the game progressed, Luck finally found the end zone twice and the game was still within reach. After being sacked 3 times by JJ Watt, the frustration began to show as he was getting up and voicing his concern to the Colts’ sideline coaches.  When asked about what happened Luck stated that the Texans defense just never let them get into a rhythm, and they (Colts) shot themselves in the foot with a goal line fumble, and a touchdown negating penalty.

Andrew Luck HOU sack

Luck was sacked 5 times throughout the game and finished a very frustrated 13 of 27 for 186 uards with 2 TDs and no INT’s.  When asked about his Homecoming, Luck stated that he comes back to Houston quite often to visit family, and this was in no way a “Momentous Occasion” and merely a “business trip”.

The Colts fell to the Texans 29-17 and the Texans clinched the AFC South Division Title.  The Colts still have a chance at making the Playoffs, but will now need some help from other teams.


From a fan’s perspective, Luck is only missing a few tools he needs to become a great quarterback in the NFL.  He is already very poised and in control of the offense, and as a Texans’ Fan, I am not really excited about his future of becoming great within this division.  The Colt’s organization has acquired a gem in a solid leader, and a good human being.


By Chuck Thompson

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  1. pati cream

    Freakin Awesome job Commander Chuck T.Good read easy to understand, good overview of both sides! I know you enjoyed this experience:) Proud of, and for you. Love, Pati

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