Andreas Schreiber Outside of Basketball

International basketball star Andreas Schreiber has made an impact on and off the court. On the court he has played a big part with the progression of the teams he had played for. In 2013 Schreiber was named Eurobasket BBl Bosman Player of the Year. This accomplishment had capped off what Andreas was trying to do on the court, he wanted to take the pressure of his injury and made a statement that he was going to impact his team no matter what.photo4

Andreas has many talents and he has shown them through the course of his life. His morals has shaped him into a wonderful man outside of basketball. “The most important moral that I’ve learned is to always be humble and treat each and every person with respect and dignity. We all bleed red, and we all breathe the same air. There is nothing different between me and a fan, more than certain physical talent and time in the spotlight. I think it is sad that professional athletes today are valued higher than the people who protect our freedom, or who make sure our children get a decent education. I still think the hardest and most important job today is to be a mother says Schreiber.”

“Because of basketball, I have been able to see a lot of different cultures and meet all kinds of people. Thus it has allowed me to accept people for who they are and
where they come from. It has allowed me to become more diplomatic I believe says Schreiber.”

When Andreas is not suiting up to play basketball, he is committed with starting his own program called the Prolete Formula. The Prolete Formula is designed to help the youth with preparing them down the line to become better individuals. “The most important part of my program is determination, motivation and guidance. I have designed the Prolete Training Program with young basketball players in mind. When I grew up, I never knew what training program was the best. So I researched and researched. I asked a lot of questions. I remember doing hundreds of calf raises as a kid, because all I wanted to do back then was dunk. I would do vertical jump programs in the yard, and after practice. I am living my own program, so I know it works. People purchase the different programs in which they are also helping the youth of the next generation. I hoping to partner up with several youth charities (child abuse, child hunger etc.) to secure a better future for tomorrow. The inspiration behind this program was a charity called Big Brother Big Sister, which I was part of briefly when I played college basketball in Philadelphia. I saw what encouragement and support could do to a troubled kid in West Philadelphia. It is really inspiring says Schreiber.”

Schreiber’s motivation to help society is what we need today with all this craziness going on.  As a whole we need to help the youth with becoming better individuals and giving them something to hope for in the future. One of his favorite quotes that he uses to inspire each and one of the individuals that he mentors is, “One shall never be in the future or the past-time for he will never truly “live”. photo1


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