And Now, Wes Welker for Depends…

NFL Players show up in a lot of endorsements, and they also donate a lot of their time to charitable causes.  Sometimes, that can lead to some really unexpected outcomes… like Pro Bowlers New England’s Wes Welker, Green Bay’s Clay Matthews and Dallas’ DeMarcus Ware doing an ad for Depends adult diapers.

No – I didn’t make that up.  It isn’t a joke, although it is a little tongue in cheek.  When asked to try them on for charity, Ware and Matthews initially pass, but Welker responds with great deadpan enthusiasm, “For charity?  Let’s do it.”

Check out the video below.  Honestly, someone at Depends really deserves a lot of credit for talking these guys into it, and the players deserve a lot of credit for not taking themselves too seriously.

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