Ahmad Bradshaw, on Eli Manning and Facing the Pats


INDIANAPOLIS—After being a rookie during his team’s Super Bowl victory four years ago, Ahmad Bradshaw is eager to have another crack at winning the big one this week. The star running back, part of a two-headed rushing attack along with Brandon Jacobs, spoke with Pro Player Insiders at Super Bowl Media Day about Eli Manning, Vince Wilfork and much more.

Q: How would you describe the way Eli Manning has performed late in games?

A: He is an excellent quarterback. He has a lot of heart. He never gives up even when the times are down and we are just trying to fight back into it. He just sticks in there and takes a lot of hits and throws the football excellently.

Q: Describe the challenges that come with trying to run up the middle against New England nose tackle Vince Wilfork.

A: He is an animal in the middle. He clogs the holes. He is a beast. All we can do is try to contain him and run around him.

Q: What do you think about representing your hometown of Bluefield, Va., and putting that small town on the map?

A: I’m blessed. Coming from a small town and been able to go through Marshall (University) and getting looked at and picked up by the Giants, 7th round, I have been blessed. To get this opportunity my first year in the league and now, it is unheard of.

Q: Do you think New England is seeking revenge in this game, or do you even think about that aspect of the game?

A: We don’t think about [it]. We know that a lot of guys on this team have been here. We want it just as bad. We don’t see the revenge; we just see playing hard and winning.

Q: Do you think the Patriots want revenge?

A: I’m sure they do. The guys that lost, I am sure they do. The guys that weren’t there, they want a big piece of this.

Q: What is the most upset that you’ve ever seen your quarterback, Eli Manning?

A: I don’t think I’ve seen him upset. I’ve seen him a little rattled here and there, but he shakes out of it. He is an excellent quarterback in all different phases. He just finds that secret pass where he just gets into and gets into that football mood.

Q: How does Eli’s laid-back nature off the field translate into his success on the field?

A: I respect his game. He is one of the smartest quarterbacks I’ve seen. Just his niche for the game, he feels pressure from everywhere and he is able to get the ball off different times and with me, he pitches the ball to me and I am able to make plays. I’ve talked about it before, he has been able to pitch the ball to me when he is bottled up, and just make a play out of it.

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