A-Mays-ing Style with NBA Champ Dwyane Wade: “Hand-Me-Down Swag”

“When I pick my outfits out before a game, I’m already feeling confident and some of that swagger stays with me when I take the court.” -Dwyane Wade

In this day and age, we are too caught up in stereotyping, too much of something makes you over the top and not enough makes you weird. In my features, I will invite you to HauteVille, where anything goes, colors are vivid, and textures give us life.  As men and women, we are each put into a box filled with what ‘society’ views as masculine and feminine. Femininity should be defined by the way you carry yourself, not what you wrap yourself in.  A man is a man, no matter if his pants are pink or if they are blue.  In fact, a man that can set himself apart from the world’s depiction of Style is a man of all men.


Speaking of a man of all men, I caught up with All Star guard and the NBA’s poster child of Fashion- Dwyane Wade of the 2012 NBA Champion Miami Heat. Anyone who keeps up with this guy even a little bit knows he LOVES to DRESS! Dwyane Wade is one of the few pro sports stars that can be seen sitting front row at some of the top shows at Fashion Week… impressive huh?

Here Wade is featured in a waffle imprinted cardigan & crisp white shirt. This look is dressed down quite a bit. We are so used to him being so decked out that this look is comparative to a White Tee and Jeans. To dress this up, just add a tie of your choice... preferably with lots of color!

I was able to catch up with Dwyane and ask him a little about his sense of style.

L.Mays:  “D, tell me about your style.”

D.Wade: “My style is as simple as this… I’m not scared to try things…”

 L.Mays: “What’s your approach to styling yourself and your children?

D.Wade:  “As long as you’re comfortable and confident in what you put on your body, nothing else matters!”





Jai Mays Models "Onion Rule" - Dressed in a bright grass green cardigan with a contrast collar, checkerboard shirt. What a nice combination! Pair with jeans for a dressed down look.

One fashion must that he always follows is the “Onion Rule.”  Whether he’s in a cardigan, vest or sweater, the layers really bring his look together.  Wade aims to pass down his fashion concepts and fearlessness to his children, something I focus on as well. With that, color is important to fashion, and the sooner you feel comfortable in your own skin, the more Fashion risks you will take.  Let’s teach our children this unique way of being.  We’ve all been taught not to judge the color of someone’s skin, so when your little guy chooses a princess book to read or a pink shirt to wear… let him.  Bow ties for girls and color slacks for boys.  Mix up color and add layered pieces that pop.

Dress it down, color it up and SWAG it out.




By LaToyia Mays, A-Mays-ing Style

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Mrs. LaToyia Mays, wife of Denver Bronco Joe Mays #51

LaToyia Mays, is the wife of Joe Mays #51, a veteran linebacker for the Broncos. Mays keeps the NFL life simple in her Denver home, but likes to keep her fashions fierce. Mrs. Mays took her passion for fashion styling and turned it into a multifaceted business called D’Xign. Under the D’Xign umbrella, she has an online kids clothing boutique,www.StarletsandStripesBoutique.com. Here, Mays incorporates her own custom-made designer pieces and carries other colorful name brand pieces. LaToyia has now begun branching out into adult fashions and is starting to style other NFL players besides her husband, Joe.  She is currently building her clientele under players who are willing to take fashion risks. Some of  Mrs. Mays other talents include photography and cooking. She will be writing a monthly column called, A-Mays-ing Style which will feature interviews and follow the style trends of various NFL players and professional athletes.


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