Merry Christmas from the Everett Family

Merry Christmas!  As a holiday special, we are pleased to present a brief Christmas message from the Everett Family – Kevin and Wiande Everett and their two adorable children.  Kevin is the former Buffalo Bills tight end whose career was cut short by a spinal fracture in his third season.  The Everett’s will be inviting us into their home on a regular basis as part of the PPI feature Everett’s House.

As Wiande Everett says, “In honor of the holiday season, we want to share with you a tradition that we do in our household – it’s a heart gift.  A heart gift is a gift from the heart, it can be a poem, a letter or a picture, and we do this in order to emphasize the importance of giving instead of receiving.”

Kevin adds, “Let’s not forget the true meaning of Christmas, and that’s to celebrate Christ’s birthday.”

From the Everett’s House to yours, Merry Christmas!

The Everett’s have a lot to share and they are going to do that here on ProPlayerInsiders with their new show called Everett’s House. The show will bring you inside the Everett’s house and share with you a very personal view of their life, experiences in the NFL, life after football and their children’s book series. Speaking of children, expect guest appearances by their kids and of course a few unexpected guests.  Future episodes will be in higher resolution than our brief Christmas message, and despite technical difficulties, the Everetts taped this message on their iPhone to share their Christmas message with you.

We hope you enjoy getting to know the Everetts.

Check out the Everett’s children’s book series as seen in the video here.

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