2013 The Black Man Can Award Winners

On Sunday June 16, 2013 the winners for the The Second Annual Black Man Can Award winners were announced via social media. The Black Man Can Awards seek to recognize the accomplishments within the community and professional arenas of black men and boys who embody the definition of a positive black male image. The sponsors of the 2013 Black Man Can Awards were: The Black Man Can,  Final Frame Ties, BlackCelebrityGiving.Com, Hip Hop Gives Back, Solo Noir, CC Originals, Beecology, Justice Sweets, and Just Act.

Please join us in congratulating the winners in their respective categories:

Winner in Boys II Men: Jordan Williams and Brandon Iverson

Boys 2 Men

Winner in Campus King: Michael Jones-Peeler

Campus King

Winner in Business: Carlton Mr. Couture Morton


Winner in Faith: Myron Wright 


Winner in Entertainment: Jasiri X


Winner in K-12 education: Ricardo P.  Deveaux

K12 Education

Winner in Law: Kenneth J. Montgomery 


Winner in Journalism: Ashahed Muhammad



Winner in Higher Education: John C. Turner

Higher Education

Winner in Nonprofit/Community Organizing: Nathaniel Jackson, Jr.  

Non Profit

Winner in Politics: Brent D. Page



Winner in Sports: Latiq Agard


For more information about The Black Man Can Awards  please follow The Black Man Can on Twitter @TheBlackManCan

Featured photo and winner photos are attributed to TheBlackManCan.Org

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