12 Things You Need to Know About Takeo Spikes

San Diego's Takeo Spikes

Takeo Spikes has put together a legendary NFL career.  Playing fourteen years for five different teams (currently with the Chargers) he has been a two time All Pro Selection (2003 and 2004), Ed Block Courage Award Winner (2006), has amassed 1337 tackles, 28.5 sacks and 19 interceptions.  And that’s not to mention the most famous neck in the NFL.  Here’s 12 things you need to know Spikes.

1. Takeo gives back in many ways. He provides mentoring at his annual TKO camp where he inspires kids to reach their goals and improve their football skills. He also always seems to be supporting his younger teammates. He has said many times that setting an example for the next generations and “the younger guys” coming in is important. Check out this video were he interviews 49ers Taylor Mays.

2.  TKO is Spikes’ nickname.  Takeo has proven time and time again he knows how to knock people out. With his TKO abilities, he is also a hype man. He makes sure to hype the “cow bell” player on his team.  Spikes calls the lead man on the team the bell cow. This means if this teammate plays well you have a 90% chance of winning.  If we win 90% of the time it’s because of you. You need this guy to win.  Listen to #51 mic’d up last season showing his hype against the Chiefs.

3.  Takeo enjoys a good chick flick. He like movies like The Notebook, The Time Travelers Wife , basically anything with Rachel McAdams.

4.  Takeo has game. On the field his game has led him to become a 2 time All Pro and 2 time Pro Bowler.  He is going into his 15th year in the league playing for the Bengals, Bills, 49ers, and now is leading the Charge in San Diego.  Although Spikes has never played in a playoff game, he doesn’t take playing for granted.

5.  Takeo loves to travel, particularly going to Europe. He won’t put a price on traveling to Europe.

6. Takeo eats a baked or fried pork chop before each game. He has done this since 1999 and it has been an effective pregame ritual.  While it may not be what the team dietician would recommend, clearly it works for Spikes.

7. Takeo is known to have fresh “sack dances.”  In the past Spikes has been know to change up his sack dances.  A favorite sack dance can be seen in the video below. Pro Player Insiders looks forward to the season 2012 edition.

8. Takeo has a famous neck. Spikes himself measures his neck at 20 inches. He buys regular shirts to fit his neck but thinks he looks better in a custom made shirt. He never realized the size of his neck until he went to college and got a size 18 and it wouldn’t fit.  He realized then he had a neck to be reckoned with.

9. Takeo is swoll. In other words – Spikes is buff, and he can bench.  At one point in his career he could bench 465 pounds.

Takeo Spikes and the Hawkins Brothers (Antrell,10 yr NFL vet and Andrew, Bengals WR) at the Super Bowl

10. Takeo loved playing alongside London Fletcher of the Redskins. He says Fletcher has been one of his favorite players of all time to play with on defense.  Spikes said once, “Fletch never really gets his props what he truly deserves but London was very helpful to take my game to the next level.”

11. Takeo loves The Waffle House Restaurant in ATL. Spikes recommends one of his favorite restaurants – the Waffle House in Atlanta on Erie exit. He orders scrambled eggs and cheese or the sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich on wheat.

12.  Takeo dedicated his football career to his father. He valued his work ethic and dedication to his family. His father left him a positive legacy, so Takeo himself is READY to get that hardware (championship ring) with the Chargers this year to help leave a part of his football legacy.


Learn more about Mr.Spikes @takeospikes51 , www.takeospikes51.com, and watch personal interviews on his YouTube channel “thetkochannel.”


Written by Theresa Villano for more follow @Theresa_ppi

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