Top 10 Things You Should Know About Antonio Gates

1.  Antonio received a full ride to Michigan State.  He originally was given a full ride to Michigan State to play football for Nick Saban and play basketball for Tom Izzo.  Saban told Gates you have to choose one or the other, he chose basketball and transferred to Kent State, and dominated the court.

2.  31 other teams missed out on one of the best TE in history.  Gates went undrafted out of college and had not played football since high school but the Chargers gave him a try-out and it was a match made in heaven. Neither side regrets it.

3.  He’s taken, ladies.  Gates is married to hip-hop video star and model Sasha Dindayal.  They were wed at the Grand Del Mar Hotel on July 9, 2011.

4.  Gates is one touchdown away from making Chargers history. On Sunday against the Carolina Panthers, Gates caught a 9 yard touchdown pass and tied the great Lance Alworth with 81 scores, career.  On the day, Gates said, “It’s just a tough time, obviously, it’s an individual accomplishment, and I hate to get it in this fashion, the way we’ve been struggling.  At the same time, I can reflect on so many teammates and coaches who have believed in me and my family with the support that they’ve given for my entire career.  To be mentioned in the same category with a guy like Lance, who paved the way for guys like myself and for guys before me, it’s definitely an honor to be in that situation and be among the elites.”

5.  He gives back to the community.  Since 2006 Gates has held an annual “Shop with a Charger” which helps bring much needed smiles to underprivileged youth.  He has a foundation named “Shoot to Cure HD” he said that he had no clue about Huntington’s disease until he learned that Bill Johnston’s wife (Chargers PR guy) had the disease and has raised money to help people with it. He also hosts an annual football camp for kids in his hometown of Detroit.  He loves giving a helping hand and will continue to do so.

6.  He’s not only seen on Sundays.  Gates has appeared on shows like Spike TV, NFL Network, The Jimmy Kimmel Show, Nickelodeon. Besides on TV he’s been in Sports Illustrated, Pacific Magazine. Gates loves showing off his Million Dollar smile.

7.  Gates is one of four Golden Flashes to have their jersey retired.  On February 27, 2010 Gates had his number 44 jersey retired at Kent State.  His senior season he received All-American mentions from the Press after averaging 20.4 points a game and leading his team to the Elite Eight in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

8.  Gates stays hungry after 10 years.  In an interview by teammate Ronnie Brown, Gates said he stays hungry and plays with a chip on his shoulder to prove people wrong.

9.  Gates attended the MTV Awards.  He attended the MTV awards last year and said he had an amazing time. He said it was something different and he said he went because he believes actors want to be athletes and athletes want to be actors. He felt that he not as popular in that field as he is on the football field.

10.  Antonio Gates is a future Hall of Famer. When this man decides to call it a career he will be a 1st ballot Hall of Famer. He changed the Tight End position.  This is Jimmy Graham on Gates, “He’s one of the reasons that I got an opportunity to play in the NFL.  Without him, I wouldn’t have even been given this opportunity or been given the opportunity to play in college.  He paved the way for me.  I know that. It was a special moment last year playing with him and (Tony) Gonzalez in the Pro Bowl.  That was definitely a dream come true.”

Gates stats speak for themselves he is one of the main reasons the Chargers are contenders.


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