RGIII following Adidas Slogan “All In” Fined 10k for Gear

RGIII fined 10k for rocking his triple stripe, Adidas gear during his postgame news conference Sunday. Redskins QB has a sponsorship deal with Adidas, but the league deals strictly with Nike.

The first offense an when Griffin covered up the Nike swoosh on his official team warm up shirt before the regular opener against the Saints. Talk about sponsorship loyalty?! RGIII is living true to the Adidas campaign slogan, “All In.”

Wednesday the NFL confirmed the fine for “unauthorized apparel.” Although
Griffin was inactive for the game (because of a sprained knee) he wore an Adidas T-shirt and sweat jacket speaking to reporters at post game news conference.

It’s clear despite outcome of $10,000 fine RGIII is keeping the “All In” mentality. Impossible is nothing, as this Redskins player continues to rehab his knee wearing three diagonal lines forming a mountain shape and the 3 leaf logo.

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