Seattle Drops the Eagles out of First Place in the NFC with a 24-10 victory

Seattle, WA- The Seattle Seahawks thumped the Philadelphia Eagles out of first place in the NFC race for home-field advantage with a 24-10 victory and has a lot of momentum with a couple of games left in the season.


With the Atlanta Falcons losing today and the Rams winning today, the Seahawks had to win this game to stay in the race for their division and hold onto their wild-card position.

The Seahawks set the tone early by dominating the Eagles on the defensive end. They hammered the offensive line by pressuring Carson Wentz, the Eagles WR’s looked like they were out of sync, because of the pressing defense that Seattle was giving them and they made plays when it mattered. The first half was a series of events that killed the Eagles’ drive. They attempted to try to get Seattle to bite on misdirections plays, slants, or delayed handoffs, but the Seahawks was not biting on any of that.

With 10 minutes left in the first quarter, Blair Welsh kicked a field goal to draw first blood and after a couple more three and outs Wilson started to heat up. After zig zagging and creating plays with his feet with only seconds left remaining in the first quarter, he threw a touched down to Jimmy Graham, which capped off a 5 play for 85 yards.

In the second quarter, the Eagles got on the board with a field goal, but penalties killed there three drives after. However, on their fifth possession, they got the ball moving done the field to Alshon Jefferies, Zack Ertz, and Torrey Smith. They were marching down for a score, but the ball was punched out of Carson’s hands before he reached the endzone at the 2- yard line. The ball flopped into the back of the end zone causing a touchback. The touchback was the pivotal point in the change of momentum for the Seahawks. Seattle scored right after and made the Eagle’s secondary looked like they were the 31st defense in the league.

In the second half, Wilson was a highlight reel, running in circles, finding any and everybody that he could to keep the drives going. The Eagles attempted to put pressure on him, but he was eating the secondary alive by throwing post corner throws or slants when the Eagles were blitzing. After a three in out the Eagles finally got on the board, which made the game a tad bit interesting. At the time it was 17-10 in favor of Seattle, but Wilson and his one-dimensional team just found ways to capitalize on the Eagles blitzing.

In the fourth quarter, there was a controversial call that should have been called. Wilson pitched a literal after he was seven yards down the field. The Eagles did not challenged the play and eventually, Seattle scored two plays later.

After another disappointing three and out, Seattle tacked on three more points to seal the deal. Seattle played spoiler for the Eagles and with that lost the Eagles are not the number 1 team in the NFC. It is the Vikings and with that win, they are still fighting with the Rams for the division.

Wilson finished with 221 yards, no turnovers, 3 touchdowns and a passer rating off 118.6.

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