Seahawks; Second String Race

Renton,WA- Going into their first preseason game on Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks have not decided on their second string QB. Both Trevone Boyand Austin Davis have been competing for the back up position, but both players are neck and neck. Boykin has shown that he is a nibble and mobile QB, while Davis has been seen as a “traditional QB.”boykinDavis has had some experience in the NFL  behind some good veteran guys, but he has not pull the long ball together in camp. When asked by reporters about his struggles with accurate deep balls he simply replied,”It is a lot harder than what it seems. That is something I am working on and it takes time. Execution is everything and right now I just want to improve and make sure that I am ready when the time comes.”

When asked about being the starter for the Seahawks’ first preseason game against the Los Angles Chargers, Davis simply replied that he did not know.

Trevone Boykin has not stood out at all. He has been good at times with throwing passes that are 15-20 yards, but he has struggled reading the defense. In his last seven reps,he has threw around four picks and looks uncomfortable standing in the pocket. He does not give his receivers time to progress in their routes without taking off when he feels the pocket is collapsing. Despite Boykin’s flaws, he seems to be a decent fit for the “Hawks” than Davis, but both players have to step it up on Sunday.

Sunday Russell Wilson may not take any reps, but he is excited about the talent that will be showcased. “I am super excited to see these players go out there and play. We have a bunch of talent out there that I am excited about. We have Davis and Boykin doing a good job at the QB position. We have Luke Jockel that has a lot of experience and our offense line is improving.”

As Sunday approaches and the QB competition will be in full effect, whatever player gets the second string position have to be near perfection. The race is that tight, so hold on tight, this is a competition battle that will be fun to watch.

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