Seahawks; No definitive answers yet on Positions

Renton, WA- There were many questions that were answered in the Mock Game on Monday. One of the biggest headlines, as well as questions was about Eddie lacy and his weight requirements. Lacy was given a strict guidelines with keeping his weight. It was either lose his weight and get his $55,000 incentive clause or lose his money, as well as his position on the roster. In a press conference on Monday, head coach Pete Carroll stated that lacy did a great job with meeting his weight. “Eddie is doing great. He hasn’t missed anything. He’s been very attentive to everything that we are doing. He can catch the football well, we know he can run thick and heavy. You don’t get to see all of that right now. He’s in good shape, he’s done everything we’ve asked him, he’s done a great job. It’s going to take us a while, but as we get to these games, everyone is going to get the football we can see how it feels with different guys running because we have a lot of diversity in the running back spot as well”, said Carroll.

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Lacy did not get much playing time in the Mock. They are trying to keep him healthy right now. However it will be interesting to see if the Seahawks will starts Chris Carson this season. He has had a great camp thus far. He has a lot of eyes watching him and wondering if he could be a starter. He is a very strong guy. He is a down-hill runner, but he has surprising speed when he gets to the outside. He is a ground and pound type of guy. With a back field with Lacy and Carson, the Seahawks look very good with keeping those guys as a one-two punch.

The second and third string battle between Trevone Boykin and Austin Davis has been a struggle. Both of the guys had a decent camp, but has not really shown the ability to be the next big QB that the Seahawks need. In the Mock game Boykin was very lackadaisical. He was not reading the defense well and he struggled. He completed 6-11 for 41 yards, which ended in two punts and one pick. In order to sustain the back-up position, Boykin has to read the defense. He has struggled to find the blitzer or holds on to the ball longer than three seconds. He has to improve in the next couple of days in order to get the second string position.

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Davis looked better than Boykin in the Mock Game, but he did not have an outstanding game. He completed 8-13 for 68 yards and led a drive to get a field goal. He also threw a pick in the game. Even though his stats look better than Boykin, there has to be some type of urgency to get the ball out on time. Davis had missed a couple of his players by throwing the ball a split second late. His back shoulder passes are not as crisp and the ball has gotten away from him when he throws the deep ball. He has done a great job with passes 20 yards are less, but he still needs to improve.
Pete Carroll addressed the QB battle on Monday.

“I think we are just in the middle of it, I don’t know,’’ he said. “I say that when I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t know right now. Both guys have done some really good things. They are real different. So we have to step back from it in time and we will get some games under our belt and in time we will figure out what it looks like when we are playing with Austin [Davis] and with Trevone Boykin. They both have had days where they win the day and that kind of stuff. Russell [Wilson] is on fire right now, so it’s hard for them to catch him, but still they have been making plays. I’m really anxious to see how they looked today. I won’t know until I see the film.”

As the Seahawks return Wednesday for training camp, both the running back and QB positions are not definitive answers yet. There are a couple more days until the Seahawks play their first preseason game against the LA Chargers on Sunday. It will be interesting to see how much reps these guys will get.

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