Seahawks 24 Redskins 14

Mike Shanahan might not sleep much tonight. After his Washington Redskins took a 14-0 lead in the first quarter over the Seattle Seahwaks, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III seemed to re-injure his knee. Shanahan decided to keep Griffin in the game but he was clearly hurting and mostly ineffective.

After the injury, the Seahawks chipped away and cut the Redskins lead to 14-13 at the half. Early in the fourth quarter, Marshawn Lynch rushed for a 27 yard touchdown to give the Seahawks their first lead of the day. On the Redskins ensuing possession, Griffin reached back to try and retrieve a bad snap and the crowd watched in horror as his knee seemed to buckle and he rolled around in pain. The fumble was recovered by the Seahawks deep in Redskins territory and they extended their lead to 10.

With Griffin out, Kirk Cousins finally came off the bench but didn’t have enough time to get much done for the Redskins. The Seahawks would go on to defeat the Redskins 24-14.

Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson rushed for a combined 199 yards and a touchdown.

The Redskins season end with questions about the future of their franchise quarterback. Should he have been taken out of the game sooner? Is his injury serious? Will he be ready for the start of next season?

Next week, the Seahawks will travel to Atlanta to play the Falcons.

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