The Rams hurdled over the Seahawks with a 42-7 victory

Seattle, WA- With a disappointing loss to the Jaguars last week, the Seattle Seahawks wanted to control their playoff destiny by getting a victory over the Los Angelos Rams, but the Rams wanted to gift wrap a loss by making a statement to the Seahawks with a demanding 42-7 victory over them.

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The storyline of the game was the mistakes that the Seahawks made in the first half. The Rams capitalized off of good field position that was made on special teams, as well as the lackadaisical tackling that the Seahawks’ secondary had. The Rams’ running back Todd Gurley had 141 yards on the ground in the first half with four touchdowns, while the Seahawks struggled to find any positive productivity within their receivers.

With so much pressure that the Rams were bringing, Russell Wilson tried to extend plays by going to his right or left side, but the Rams had a QB spy on him at all times and he couldn’t get anything started. The Rams had 7 sacks in the third quarter and the game was well out of reach with a 40-0 over the Seahawks. However, the Seahawks got on the board late in the 3rd quarter. In the 4th quarter, the Seahawks could not get any drives going and Wilson was doing everything by himself to make every down count, but it was too much of a deficit for the Seahawks. Wilson finished the game with only 142 yards through the air.

With all the key injuries, a banged up offensive line, and no running game, the Seahawks still has a shot to clinch a wild-card position

This was a game that the Seahawks needed to stay in the chase for the division, but if the Falcons lose both their next two games and the Seahawks can find some way to win both their games, the Seahawks will move into the final spot.

The next two weeks for the NFC will determine a lot of things, so stay tuned for more dramatic, because the playoffs are here.

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