Questionable calls for the Seahawks, earned them a loss against the Falcons (34-31)

Seattle, WA- The Seattle Seahawks tried everything to catch the Atlanta Falcons off guard, but ultimately their trickery ended up hurting them and cost them the game that they needed to win.


Seahawks’head coach Pete Carroll has always been known to roll the dice and take risks to put his team in a better position, but the decision to fake a field goal attempt before the half ended up being one of the factors that cost them the game. If the Seahawks would have kicked the field goal and made the attempt then the score would have been tied instead of Blair Walsh missing a 50-yard field goal and the Seahawks drop another game that they needed to stay in the chase for the division.

“It was a chance to make a big play,” Carroll said. “We had a chance to make a touchdown, or get out of bounds. If that pops, he might walk in. We were prepared. We had worked on it, we saw something we liked. We didn’t expect the nose tackle to make the play.”

The field goal attempt was one problem, but the other problem was wide receivers dropping passes and the offensive line that could not get protect Russell Wilson. Wilson, as he has done all season, had to make plays down the field by using his feet to extend drives.

The Falcons’ defense was lackadaisical with stopping the big plays down the field, but it started with the Wilson show. He had 86 yards on the ground and was the leading rusher for the Seahawks, but it all came down to a filed goal try to put the game into overtime.

Seahawks’ FG kicker Blair Walsh had had problems with making field goals, but they tried to boost up his confidence. He kicked the ball and the ball was just shy of the goal post.

Wilson finished the game with 262 yards through the air and two touchdowns, but he could not overcome the drop balls fro his players. The Seahawks are now 6-4 and will be in a dogfight for the rest of the season to stay in the playoff picture.

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