Greg Ellis; Something New, Something different and Something Positive

Seattle, WA- Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders Defensive End Greg has had an iconic career that he was very thankful for. A lot of his teammates viewed him as an inspiring person, dedicated, and committed to anything that he put his mind too. After a great career in the NFL, Greg decided that he was going to explore something that was out of his comfort zone, which was directing films. He was always intrigued by the process of directing films that were seasoned to have a message and something that motivated others.

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Recently Greg had the opportunity to produce a play call Watch Night. Watch Night is a play that involves a young slave girl, named Baby Doll, whose prayers for freedom are answered through the signing of the “Emancipation Proclamation” that led the slaves to gather New Year’s Eve when their freedom would be granted. Living on the plantation of Howard B Lynch, she stays in constant prayer believing that freedom will come one day. Baby Doll enters into a romantic relationship with the Master’s nephew who does not agree with the Master’s view on slavery. Despite, their romantic involvement, Master continues to impress upon them the disciplines of his Grandfather, Willie Lynch.

“We are excited to showcase an amazing and captivating performance about Watch Night and how it originated,” Said Gre.“This play will help educate and highlight the importance of New Year’s Eve and how it relates to slavery and freedom. It’s definitely a must-see.”

The play had iconic and Gospel legend Fred Hammond there as he sung during intermission. The play was a huge success and brought a lot of issues to light that individuals still go through daily.

Greg wanted to do this play because it impacts the lives of others and there are certain conversations that need to be talked about, which he displayed in this film. “Doing something positive that educates others is something that I enjoy.”

Greg wants to do future films that have substance about them, something that can influence others with a positivity message.

With changing careers, Greg likes the challenge of film, being creative, and always learning something different that sets him apart from other directors. He has a vision, style with impacting others and just bring a different aspect to film.



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