Broncos Chris Harris wants to be paid or traded

Denver- This week was supposed to be about who the Denver Broncos may select during the 2019 NFL Draft, but they are having some in-house conflict with Chris Harris. Harris has demanded that the Broncos renew his contract or he wants to be traded.

Harris has been a light for the Broncos when they needed him and he wants longevity, as well as a pay increase for the amount of money that he deserves. As of right now, he is asking for $15 million. The amount of money he is asking would put him up there, as one of the highest players played at cornerback.

During a press conference on Tuesday, reporters asked if the Broncos were going to negotiate a deal before or after the draft and general manager John Elway said that the team would talk about it after the draft. “We’ll talk about it,” Elway told reporters. “Doesn’t mean we’ll do it.”

Harris is in his final year in his contract and will be only making $8.5 million and he is done playing the waiting game. With the draft around the corner, it could be possible that this intensified conflict could result in a trade to get a pick that the Broncos desperately needs. Harris is 29 and still is playing at a top level at his position, so age could play a huge factor at the amount that the Broncos or other teams may give him.

Anything could happen in the next few days, so hold on tight to this rocky roller coaster ride.


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