Bill Belichick Creates The Formula For Winning

The start of success becomes when you fail at your first attempt:. Before the rings, fame, and one of the greatest coaches that we have had in this era, Bill Belichick had to achieve greatness within adversity. The beginning of success started with a man by the name of Steve Belichick. Steve was Bill’s father and Bill was inspired by everything that his dad did. Bill was inspired so much by his father, that he was motivated to start coaching. Thus started the “Belichick Era”

In 1979 he was the New York Giants defensive and special teams coordinator. He had a successful career with coaching behind Bill Parcells; under Parcels Belichick had created a defensive that had shocked the country. In Super Bowl XXV the Giants had upset the Buffalo Bills to win anther Super Bowl.bos_a_belichick_b1_400

“Out of all the strengths that Bill has, his ability to take an organization that’s really pretty bad and turn it around is the one that stands out to me,” Belichick said today. “I don’t think anybody does it better and I’ve learned a lot being around him whether on his staff or watching him do it with other teams.

Bill had went on to coach the Cleveland Browns from 1991-1995; under Bill the Browns organization went 36-44. After he was let go, Bill had reunited with Parcells in New York. The New York Jets needed a turning point in the right direction; Both Parcells and Belichick had the right formula to change the output of the situation.

In 2000 Belichick was named head coach of the New England Patriots and never looked back.

To create a formula for winning ,first you need to have determination. Bill had determination and was relentless in his approach with becoming one of the greatest coaches of all time. He never gave up after the media constantly criticized his efforts. Players respected him and will say that Bill does not give out hand out.

Belichick enjoys pointing out mistakes by repeatedly showing clips of the  bad plays long after they occurred, according to a piece by Jackie MacMullan  of

“So there’s this one play that made [former  linebacker] Don [Davis] look really bad,” [Mike] Vrabel recalled. “Bill showed  it a few times then said, ‘Offseason award winner, my ass. You look like a cow  on ice.’ Tedy [Bruschi] and I were in the back laughing our butts off.”belichick11

Deion Branch said if you are looking for positive feedback to soothe your ego, New England is the wrong place to play. The idea, he said, is to push you to the brink, then reel you back in so “you can prove Bill wrong.”“He never compliments you,” linebacker Rob Ninkovich said. “He’ll throw you a little something once in a while, but it’s never, ‘Good job.’ It’s more like, ‘Well, you did a little better with this.’”

Constructive criticism is the best criticism that anybody can give. It will give you a boost of inspiration to expect more of yourself. This type of drive has helped Belchick and the Patriots management over the course of years to become a feared opponent and a house hold name.

Through his leadership, Belichick now holds the best postseason coaching record, recently passing Vince Lombardi’s record. He is also one of four coaches in history to win three or more Super Bowls. All of this has been accomplished since he became head coach of the Patriots in 2000, and perhaps the greatest testament to his ability to lead and motivate his team is his involvement in all aspects of the franchise. Unlike many coaches, Belichick has a say in everything from the draft selections to every offensive and defensive possession. bill-belichickjpg-5f10bc3c404b3584
“I appreciate a compliment, I’m not saying that, … But what it comes down to is how our team performs against the opponent we’re playing against. There’s a lot of things in this game that I can’t do. There’s a lot of things in this game the players and other coaches can’t do, either. They just have to do their jobs, and collectively we have to do ours a little better.”
Hard work shows character, but adversity teaches us everyday lessons. You have to pay attention to every aspect in life to achieve a winning mentality.
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