Apple Cup Madness; University of Washington vs Washington State

Seattle, WA- In a battle between University of Washington and Washington State University, there is so much at stake in this game. With a loss to Utah, the Huskies are out of the CFB championship but could play spoiler to halt the Cougars from making their appearance in the CFB championship against USC.



However, despite the pressure of this game for the Cougars, the Cougars may be without head coach Mike Leach next year. There has been speculation that Leach might be offered a job in Tennessee, but it has not been confirmed yet.  The job that Leach has done with WSU has been short of amazing. Before he came in and change the entire program, the Cougars struggled to find their identity, get an offensive line, QB, and a balanced attack, but let’s stay in the present. They have won  26 games under  him, but let’s keep it in the present time

After the loss to Utah, U.W. came out trying to destroy the momentum of the Cougars. In the first half, the Huskies came out very aggressive. They threw the ball down the teeth of the Cougars’ defense and just took it to them on their first possession to go up 7-0. After a couple of brutal possessions for the Cougars, the Huskies have just beat them in all categories. They stopped them on third down, created turnovers, put pressure on Luke Falk, and neutralized anything productive.

The halftime score was 24-o in favor of U.W.

The mental mistakes kept piling up for the Cougars. One of their players was ejected for targeting a defensive receiver and they just lost their composure. After good field position, the Huskies went on to extend their lead to 27-o. Falk did not have a good game all around, there were four turnovers that resulted in points. The timing was off and the Cougars could not recover from a huge deficit. At the start of the fourth quarter the score was 34-0 with the Huskies dominating the quarter.

After a frustrating night, the Cougars finally score at 9:01 in the fourth quarter to at least put some points on the board. The score was 34-7 with under nine minutes left in regulation. On the next possession the Huskies put the nail in the coffin with another score to go up 41-7.  Falk started to heat up after the Huskies went down the field and scored. He went 4 out of 5 and actually made a great pass over the corner back to score a 33 yard touchdown pass to make it 41-14.

The better team won tonight and spoiled any chance for WSU to play in the Championship round.











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