They’re The Patriots

“Time heals all wounds”. I understand it, but I really don’t. This phrase has rattled in and out of my life for over a decade now. Though this is no memoir about personal struggle, defeat or despair, the saying does offer us some significant association to the beloved boys in Foxboro. Yeah, you got it, your New England Patriots.


Every year I am curious to see which fan base is naive enough to take the bait. That’s right, swallow the hook. I will never know the sensation of enveloping a jagged hook with enflated confidence that this could be THE YEAR for my team. Not a year goes by that it couldn’t be the Patriot’s YEAR in the National Football League. You are not going to like me, but the New England Patriots have a legitimate opportunity to win the Super Bowl every single year. Trust me, I’m that rambunctious lunatic that invests more time into the Total Patriots Encyclopedia than I do spending time with my family. Sad life, time to embrace the Foxboro realm .


But seriously, I’ve juggled that saying around for maybe a week or so


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