Fans to Family with the Birdgang


Since coming to Phoenix back in 1988 the Cardinals haven’t had much support locally. In fact, if you attended a home game at Sun Devil Stadium is was almost certain that you’ll see more opposing team colors in the stands over their own.

Tailgating was interesting since most mobs that rolled through Tempe were probably going for the other team but that didn’t stop those loyal, die hard Cardinals fans from supporting their team with pride.

Over the years the fan base has grown and if you ever have the privilege to attend a game at University of Phoenix Stadium (ranked in top 3 in the NFL), you’ll see and feel the power of the Red Sea! From grilling on the Great Lawn to hanging out in the REDzone, the love and excitement is in the air. If you’re wanting to experience the best tailgate on wheels then you have to make sure you stop by the REDscue Unit and their tricked out ambulance.


Darnell Dockett once referenced the Cardinals fans as the “Birdgang” and that has stuck ever since. Since then the Birdgang fans have come together for events outside of football and make sure to make it a family affair. From Easter egg hunts to helping out with Car Washes for donations, Cardinals fans seem to become more like family every day. We’ve experienced losing and we’ve had a taste of winning, but one thing is for certain, we’ll continue to stand loyal and dedicated to our Cardinals team no matter what.

The 2013 season came as a surprise to many in the league, however those fans who bleed Cardinal Red always believed great things were in store. If you were to search the web today you’ll find several sites dedicated to the Cardinals such as while others have pages for all your Birdgang wallpaper needs like AzBirdgangCrew on Facebook.


Being a fan is not just about football on Sundays…. It’s about truly loving the sport and coming together with all fans to support your passion for your team. I’ve experienced first-hand the love “Birdgang Valley” has for their team and I’m proud to call myself a Arizona Cardinals Fan !

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