Rutgers Sanu is Ready to Go

VIDEO – Rutgers wide receiver Mohamed Sanu is ready to go, and ready to take his talents to the next level.  Pro Player Insiders was able to catch up with Sanu while he was in New York City for some Draft Week events.

He’ll be back home watching the draft with family and close friends, and is ready to hear his name called and learn where he’ll be playing.  Asked how he thinks he’ll react, he answered, “I don’t know yet, I might just run out of the house and down the street.”

Rutgers WR Mohamed Sanu

When he hears his name called is a big question, as he’s been talked about as anywhere from a high second round pick all the way down to the fourth round.  Based upon his college production, he belongs at the high end of that range.  He caught 115 passes for 1,206 yards last season, breaking a Big East record in the process.  And the previous holder of that record was Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald, and he has done pretty well at the NFL level.

Asked about his favorite football moment, Sanu answered, “Breaking Larry Fitzgerald’s single season record this year.  He’s my favorite receiver in the NFL and that moment was very special to me.”

He was also used extensively in 2009 and 2010 running the ball out of a Wildcat formation, averaging over 5 yards per carry and running for over 300 yards each season.

His high school coach still raves about him.  “Everyday at practice he would do something that just blew your mind,” coach Rick Mantz said.  “His ability to throw, run, and change direction, we just knew he was something special.”

“It’s all a crap shoot but I know a lot of teams love him.”

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