Tanjareen Thomas: Why not me

thumbnail (8)Seattle, WA- Actress Tanjareen Thomas has been a phenomenal, dedicated, hardworking woman in the field, but she had to endure a lot of obstacles in order to make it t where she needed to be. At a young age, Tanjareen decided she wanted to become an actress after being in a school play. “I was six years old and I was in this play called  The Gingerbread Man and I just loved it. I loved how I could control the audience and at the moment I decided that I wanted to be an actress.”


Being an actor or actress is a ton of hard work, being rejected from different roles, and a lot of acting classes. In this field, you have to have a backbone and have faith that everything will piece itself together. Tarjareen has dealt with certain obstacles to dealing with her appearance, but after knowing who she was and her purpose in life, she overcame that obstacle. “At first I was insecure about my appearance and how I look to certain people, but after finding my purpose and worth, I really starting to focus solely on that. In this field, you see a lot of people that will get gigs based solely on their looks and at times it makes you doubt yourself, but if you are patient and know who you are, everything will work out fine.”

Outside of acting Tanjareen is very active in her community with the My Friend’s House Foundation, which helps out the homeless, gives people inspiration, and helps them with their daily lives. “I have been helping out this foundation for nine years and it has brought so much pleasure to me. I love helping people out and it’s something that I hold to my heart.”

Tarjareen has had roles in Johnson Family Vacation, Love For Sale, and Miss March, but she wants to do more with booking a role with a hit series. “My goal this year is to keep working hard and securing roles in a hit series. Who would not want that? I have been working hard day in and day out, so that is something that I am striving for. My hard work will pay off very soon.” Improvement is always good, so I am improving as an actress daily. ”

Dreams are meant to be achieved, but sometimes it takes patience, headache, and tears to overcome adversity, but Tanjareen has always been positive throughout her life. “You just have to love what you do and just go for it. Take the risks, because the reward is everlasting.:

Tarjeen has impacted the community, as well as her field. Her strength, dignity, and encouragement have propelled her to be a force as an actress.



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