Sophina DeJesus; Transitioning from an athlete into an actress

Former UCLA gymnast Sophina DeJesus shocked the world with a routine that had all the hip moves, strategic styles, and creativity that won the heart of thousands around the world. When asked how she implicated different styles in her routine, she laughed and said her sister was a big part of why she implicated it in the routine. “My sister and I have so much fun with these modern-day dances, so I figured why not put these in my routine. I am a dancer, plus I like to entertain the fans that are watching me.”

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Sophina has been entertaining fans since she was five years old. She was a dancer in the group Mix 5. MIx 5 competed in the international Hip Hop in 2005 and 2006 and the exposure with the group earned her and group to be on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. “It was a great experience that I had and something that I will always remember. Dancing is something I have always loved to do and to showcase that at that time was something special.”

Being young and in the spotlight, Sophina missed out on being the normal kid and did not really come into her own until after the 12th grade. “I was always doing something productive. It was school work, practice, gymnastics, and other activities that I was doing, so I really did not have an opportunity to come into my own until after my back injury. My back injury halted me from pursuing the Olympics, but during rehab and other stuff I finally was able to enjoy my 12th-grade year.”

Sophina’s creativity is very infectious with her bubbly personality. A lot of people are drawn into what she says and how she says it. She has decided to pursue her other goal which is being an actress and even started a youtube channel about her daily life, inspiring messages, and just being her goofy self. “I have been in a couple of shows, such as  Discovery Kids show and  Hip Hop Harry and it was a great experience. I want to do more films down the line that challenge my talents. I know it will be hard, but I am super excited for what is in store for me.”


Sophina talked about being passionate in whatever you do, but do it at the best of your ability. “If you are not having fun, then you will not give it your all. Do something that you love and something that you are passionate about. Push yourself and never let your dreams fade.”

It will be interesting to see how Sophina’s creative imagery will come together on the big screen. She is taking it day by day and is very optimistic about making it big. As she turns towards her new journey in life, let us applaud her for being a great role model for the youth.

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