Seattle Seahawks front office had no contact with Earl Thomas since hold out

Seattle, WA-  The Seattle Seahawks are not interested in playing Earl Thomas’ card game. The organization has not been in contact with Thomas since he has stated that he was going to hold out on training camp. Since last season, Thomas has been complaining about his contract and he wants a long-term deal with the “Hawks.” During a brief press conference at Seahawks’ training camp, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll talked about the situation.


“We did communicate a while back,” he said. “There’s been kind of a clear stance, so there hasn’t been much to talk about right now. We really miss Earl not being here. We wish he was here. He’s one of us.”

Russell Wilson talked about how he misses Thomas’ presence on and off the field. “I do miss my brother,” Wilson told reporters Friday. “He’s a Hall of Fame safety who has a crazy special talent that you can only find once every blue moon. You miss him out here, and I know he’s training like crazy, though.” 

“Hopefully he’ll come back tomorrow. Hopefully, he’ll come back down the road. Hopefully, he’ll come back someday soon,” Wilson said. “But I know when he does come back, Earl if you’re listening now, it’d be great if you could come back because he can help us win a big one.”

Reportedly, Thomas says he is done with the Seahawks and want to move elsewhere.Extend …..if you don’t want me let’s make a trade happen I understand it’s a bizz” said Thomas.”

Sadly the Thomas situation has not gone anywhere and it seems like it will be a lengthy wait before Thomas gets his wish on a solution.


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