Seahawks want two second round picks for Earl Thomas III

Seattle, WA- The Seahawks and Earl Thomas III drama have not been “water over the bridge” just yet. Even though Earl has been reinstated to play football with the Seahawks’ organization after holding out during training camp, he has not been happy and has asked to be traded.


During his holdout, the Dallas Cowboys was intrigued with giving up some picks for Earl but backed out of the conversation. However this past weekend the Seahawks had told different teams that if they wanted Earl, they had to give away two-second rounders. The Chiefs were interested at first but told the Seahawks that they would continue negotiations if they wanted less for Earl.

Earl has told many people that he wanted to go to Dallas, but nothing has happened so far with resisting a deal on the table. Thomas said he wants to play for Dallas and even told Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett  “If you have a chance to get me, come get me,” after a game last season.

After a win last week against the Cowboys where Earl had two crucial interceptions to put the game away, many people wanted to know, would this change the mind of the Seahawks and give Earl what he wants.

Right now the mood is very positive and all the Seahawks players are happy to have him back on the field.

Only time will tell if Earl and the organization can heal their wounds and give Earl what he wants or the Seahawks lose a great athlete to the hands of a trade.

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