Seahawks’ losses Doug Baldwin in opener

Seattle, WA- After a 27-24 loss to the Denver Broncos, the Seattle Seahawks learned that their star wide receiver Doug Baldwin may be out for some time with a sprain MCL. In the first quarter, Baldwin was running his route, when apparently his leg gave out. He was tended to momentarily by the medical staff but walked to the sidelines on his own power. However, Baldwin was walking with a noticeable limp in the second quarter, but on a route that he was running, his leg gave out. After the second time he left the field, the medical staff reported he was done for the day.


Baldwin was not effective against the Broncos and did not catch a ball the entire game. With Baldwin out of the game, Brandon Marshall, who is the number 2 receiver had to step up and make big plays for the team. He caught 3 passes for 46 yards in the defeat.

Seahawks’ head coach Pete Carroll did not have an estimate on when Baldwin will be back to play. “He’s got a little MCL sprain in his other knee, and so we have just got to see what that means,” Carroll said. “He went back in the game and played some, but we just eventually kind of talked him out of playing because he wanted to keep going. We just want to make sure we take care of him.”

Without Baldwin in the game, the Seahawks have lost a consistent playmaker that took the pressure off of Russell Wilson since he has been the go-to person in critical situations. “Doug is a true playmaker. He’s done it for years. I know he’s going to do everything he can to get back as soon as possible,” Wilson said. Despite Baldwin’s injury, the Seahawks had to pull a couple of tricks out the bag in the second half to make it a game against the Broncos, without Baldwin in the game, the Seahawks had to find other ways to get the ball to their other playmakers. They utilized their tight end, did more end around, and more corner routes to try to get Denver to Bite and get their receivers more spacing.

Baldwin is known to be a blocking receiver and at times Brandon Marshall missed his blocking assignment, which is why Baldwin is important to the team. The Seahawks have been in this situation last season with key players being injured, but they found a way to keep winning. It is only the second week of the NFL, so the Seahawks are not hitting the panic button just yet, but losing Baldwin for a couple of months will sting.


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