NotYourMuse: Creating vivid messages through Art

New York- Creativity is built on experiences, messages, and perspective, in which different individuals may use different methods to get their point across. Some people may use poetry, sculptures, or even art to tell a message. NotYourMuse uses art to tell her story, as well as being controversial in her pieces. “I started painting at a young age and wanted to set myself apart from other artists. My art is all about portraying a message that I want people to see.”

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NotYourMuse has caught the eyes of New York, as well as some fashion designers in the New York and Los Angelos area. The designers like her thought process with messages that needed to be said, whether or not people agree with her. Her art sucks you in and takes you on a climax of worldly views, as well as issues that America may sweep past. “I just enjoy art and I believe you have to paint your version of what you see. Sometimes artwork will give people a different perspective about certain topics or at least open discussions up.”

Women importance, as well as woman empowerment, is something that is very important to NotYourMuse. “I love how women are coming together and uplifting each other. It is a beautiful and enriching sight. It is very inspiring, as well as motivating that women are getting these executive jobs, as well as speaking up about topics like sexual harassment and assault. Women are taking back their power and it is amazing that these women are going out there and making their dreams happen.”

NotYourMuse has inspired many people through her artwork and she is grateful for the opportunities that she has been getting to present her work. “I am very grateful for any opportunity to get my work out there and show people a different view of different topics. I am very humble and grateful that people look up to me, as well as my work. I am just so honored.”

This young lady is taking the world by storm with her paintbrush, imagery, and the boundaries of limitations that does not define who she is.

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