Nello Petrucci; Recognizing Creativity

New York-Creative artist Nello Petrucci puts a lot of thought process with bringing the house down with his captivating paintings. He strives to put a sense of reality into his pieces. Just a few weeks ago, he presented his new art collection at a gala event called “From Italy with love.” The collection was called From Italy with love because it was something that everyone could relate to and enjoy “It was an idea by the curator and I want to keep the artwork exposed for all to enjoy,” said Petrucci.

Finishing a masterpiece or starting a painting takes time, effort, dedication, and a sense of direction. At times even the great artist such as Leonardo da Vinci struggled to find the creative juices flowing or a painting would take up a lot of time, but after it was finished the world was captivated with the message it had captured. Petrucci had to overcome the ding of hitting the trying to find the right messages or the struggles to figure out what he wanted to paint, but it only pushed him to become better. 

“Often times, they are inner voices that push me harder and harder… but they leave space for a great opportunity so I always welcome them. At times life does not go as you may want it to and we resign ourselves to do nothing or find the way to change and move forward. Taking advantage of this moment is an opportunity to talk and get through a difficult situation.”

Petrucci was discovered by Contemply and it has been a great relationship with both sides of the business. “Contemply is a company who represents Italian artists. They organize events and expositions and they give the artists the opportunity to join expositions worldwide like ArtExpo, ArtBasel, to name a few.  I have met Gianni Boccia many years ago through a mutual friend. When he started Contemply he contacted me and he started as my agent. That worked out really well! We trust each other completely and because of that, we are both good friends and excellent partners in business. Our relationship allows me to focus on what I do best, which is creating.”

In his spare time, Petrucci likes to motivate artist, who have not found their inspiration or struggle to finish a painting. “Pursue your creativity with integrity and when the wind comes in your favor,  you have to take it all in.”

Love, peace, and life is something that Petrucci has exhibited in his paintings and he feels very strongly that these characteristics are the way of living. “They are the three most beautiful words in the world! Love is the thrust of life: the most impregnable characters in the name of love, you would change cities, you would strip off your belongings and you would do things that are truly unimaginable. Peace is that goal that everyone would like to arrive to find themselves at that moment when you are not comfortable with the world and you are not at peace with yourself, nor the world! Life is wonderful!  It’s really an incredible thing. The living is a fantastic thing … and I think it is always dictated by something bigger.”

Petrucci has other projects in store, but in September he has an exhibition in Pompeii, Italy. He is very excited about the project and explained why this meant a lot to him. “The mysteries of great beauty, a very important exhibition, which I care a lot about and where I have the pleasure of exhibiting my work in a unique setting, inside the excavations of Pompeii.”

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