Nathaniel Harris: Dreams comes with Patience

Seattle, WA- Football is the engine that springs life into potential NFL prospect Nathaniel Harris, but he had to overcome a lot of hardships, adversity, and uncomfortable settings in order to grow into the person that he has become.


Football was the peace of mind that he needed to adapt and get away from certain things that were not in his control.

“Football was everything to me. I played football since I was a young kid and it taught me so much. It taught me values, morals, and what it means to be a leader on and off the field,” said Harris.

Harris had to overcome balancing his dream and working to keep money in his pockets while being homeless during college. “It was hard, but if you want something bad, you will find a way to make it happen. Quitting is something that never crossed my mind, so I had to do these things in order to appreciate the small things in life. Like I tell people all the time, never give up, take risks, and never allow someone to dictate your dream, because if you are passionate enough about it, you will make that dream come true.”

Harris dictated his life with being devoted to football. In high school, he was a dominate CB that was attentive, had good footwork, and the ability to catch on fast, but hardship came knocking on his door with him being homeless. While being homeless, he encountered so many obstacles, he was not focused on his grades in college because of his living situation and became academically ineligible to play the sport that he loved.

“Nobody gave me anything except opportunities, and I wanted to show everyone that I will make my dream happen no matter what.”

This year after all the hard work, disappointments, and the patience within Harris to keep going, Harris was invited to attend this year’s Spring Training in Austin, Texas, which is a big leap for him. ” I am so excited to show off my skills. I am looking forward to getting all the information that I can get to improve my skillset and just go out there and appreciate the journey.”

Harris has a big heart, passionate about helping others, and just has patience. It will be interesting to see how he does in Spring Training in a couple of weeks and how different scouts will observe his character, devotion, and leadership on the field.

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