Nancy Lieberman: Breaking Barriers as a female head coach

Seattle, WA- Nancy Lieberman has finally broken a barrier in sports that needed to be broken. She is the first female head coach who coaches the Big 3 and is the first female head coach to coach men’s sports. “I am very thrilled that the Big 3 gave me an opportunity to let me coach for them. I have had some of the best mentors that have helped me along the way and it is just amazing that everything has happened. I couldn’t do it without the help of my mentors. They gave me the knowledge that I obtained, pushed me when I needed to be pushed, and just supported everything that I have done. It is just a blessing that I have been given.”

“Lady Magic” sprinkled her toughness, competitiveness, blood, sweat, and tears into the game that she loves more than anything and she has given a lot of players information on how to improve their game on and off the court. She has a very disciplined structure that matches her personality, but she fights for her players to showcase their full potential. Nancy is the true testament that if you are determined and work hard, anything is possible. Nancy has been inducted into the Nassau County Sports Hall of Fame, Basketball Hall of Fame, Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame, and the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame.

“It has been truly an honor to impact individuals on and off the court. I really can’t say much, because it is just a blessing that I was given to help people.Basketball has been apart of my life for a long time and after my career was over, I decided that I wanted to coach. I had a great mentor in Pat Riley and other Hall of Famers, who have helped me. I am happy that the G League, opportunities that I had in Texas, NBA, and other coaching opportunities had opened doors for me. I am very thrilled to be working with the Big 3 league and look forward to coaching this season.”

In the last couple of years, there have been females that have been coaches in different professions in sports, so the barriers of women breaking into being coaches are shattering and giving hope to other individuals who desire to coach. “It makes me very happy that people look up to me. I am thrilled and honored that they do, but they have to remember they have to take risks because with risks comes great rewards. If there is an opportunity to grow and learn, take it no matter what. It gives you the chance to build your resume up, as well as getting exposure in the field. Keep going and never give up on any dream.”

The second season for the Big 3 will start June 22 in Houston Texas.

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