Marcell Ateman; The Path to Success starts with Faith

Seattle, WA- NFL prospect Marcell Ateman had to go through the ups and downs of life to find his passion and vision, but it all started with building and branding of his faith. Faith has been an important factor with Marcell and he is not scared to say how his faith has shaped him into the man that he is today. “Without God in my life, I would not be the person that I am today. My faith has been strengthened through dark times and it has taught me patience, as well as life lessions.”

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Marcell is one of many football players who is striving to make his football dream a reality, but he is determined to make his dream happen. “I have worked so hard and sacrifice so much that I am willing to do whatever it takes to become the best. I watch a lot of films on different players that have excelled in this game like Calvin Johnson, Julio Jones, and Mike Evans to name a few. I like how they stretch out a defense, get separation, and their footwork on routes.”

During his collegiate career with Oklahoma State, as a wide receiver, Marcell had 146 catches for 2,466 yards. He has quick feet and his breakaway speed is very impressive, but he still feels like he needs to learn more. “I want to be more of a student of the game. You never stop learning and soaking in what other players are teaching you. I will use what they teach me to improve my craft.”

Football brings different cultures together and it is a bond that is shared between players that are equivalent to being brothers. It is a place to get away from reality, but it can also be a place of sanctuary and leadership. “Leadership is doing the right thing all the time, no matter who is watching or whatever the situation might be. You lead by example. Once people see you are leading instead of following, those individuals will start to follow you, whether it is getting up early in the morning for workouts, watching film, or just encouraging others. Leadership is one of many characteristics to have as an individual.”


Marcell feels like he stands out from others of his mindset and how he approaches different scenarios. “I am just focused on what’s ahead and what I need to improve on to make it to the Pro level. Like I said before, to me everything runs off of dedication, being motivated, and having faith that things will happen at the right time, so staying focus is what I am working on.”

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