Longer instant replay will be in discussion during Competition Committee

Seattle, WA- Discussions will take place with the Competition Committee about the extension of longer instant replay later this week. After the New Orleans Saints loss to the Los Angeles Rams in overtime in the NFC Championship game, there has been speculation about extending instant replay over the last couple of months with making sure calls are getting called correctly.

“Monday’s meeting are used to discuss potential rule change suggestions that the committee will bring to owners later in the offseason. Two-thirds of the 32 owners must approve a change before its adopted. Replay review will not be the only topic of discussion on Monday. Battista also adds that the committee will look at potentially adjusting the punt play, in an effort to make it safer — as the league did with kickoffs. The committee will also discuss the helmet rule from last year to decide if the rule change had the desired outcome,” said NFL Network’s Judy Battista.

Stay tuned for more updates with changes around the league.

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