Leigh Steinberg does it again

Atlanta- Famous sports agent Leigh  Steinberg had a private event that included a lot of NFL players, publicists, agents, and people who have contributed to the NFL on the business side of things. “A lot of individuals do not know how hard it is to build connections with like-minded individuals, Leigh’s event gives us the opportunity to give us a platform to network and see the process of how hard each individual works”, said anonymous publicist.

This year, Patrick Maholmes spoke about how people inspired him to do better and be a better individual on and off the field. Even though his team lost to the Patriots, Mahomes told the crowd that he will be in next years Super Bowl. A lot of people were amazed at Mahomes’ confidence, as well as how he talked about overcoming adversity and making the best out of every situation that came his way.

Steinberg talked about what his event meant to him, as well as how grateful is he is for the people who support his annual event. “This is an event that you need to go to if you are trying to build up your contacts as well as gain knowledge. A lot of people leave Leighs event feeling empowered with knowledge, as well as a pocket filled with business cards. This is the place to be and I am grateful that he has helped out so many people,” said an anonymous source.

The place was filled with a lot of energy and great messages that have inspired others to take on their fears and build their connections.


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