Larry Fitzgerald did not want to retire on a bad note

Arizona- Future Hall of Famer Larry Fitzgerald did not want to retire after the Arizona Cardinals went 3-13 last season. Fitgerald did not like the idea of him moving on from football with having a bad season, so he decided to stay another year. “We had a really bad season last year and I just didn’t want to go out on that level,” Fitzgerald said on the podcast, via the Cardinals‘ team website. “You’ve got to live the rest of your life knowing you went out on that level.”

St Louis Rams v Arizona Cardinals

Despite having only three wins last season, the Cardinals are very optimistic about the direction that the team is heading into. They have a very young defense that was ranked 20th in yards allowed. If the defensive coordinator could get a pass rusher that can attack a QB or put pressure on the opponent’s offensive line,  it would create more opportunities for the Cardinals to get off the field on third downs and or create a turnover possibility.

On the offensive end, the Cardinals struggled to have any productivity. They were last in the league with total points, which averaged around 14.1 and it is speculation that their QB Josh Rosen may get traded away before the 2019 NFL Draft. Nothing is in ink as of yet, but the Cardinals are the heavy favorites to go after QB Kyler Murray.

With all the chaotic changes taken place in Arizona, Fitgerald has always been consistent. He has not missed a game or start in four consecutive years and he takes pride being the best player he can be for the team. “I’m not the player that I was 10 years ago, but I can still go out there and contribute. I can make plays. I can be somebody who can situationally really help the team and make explosive plays for my group.”



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