Kendall Sheffield’s injury will decrease his stock

Indianapolis- Former Ohio State CB Kendall Sheffield may have suffered a torn peck during the bench press session during the Combine. When he was attempting to lift the weights up, Sheffield said he heard a pop and screamed in agony. Later this week, he will get an MRI to see how bad the injury is.


Coming into the Combine, Sheffield was one of the players to watch for. He already proved that he could flat out run during his time at Ohio State. He broke a lot of Ohio States’ track records and was on pace to do well at the Combine. He was projected to go in the first round, but now with this injury, his stock may have decreased. Depending on the severity of the injury, it may take up to 7-10 months to heal and get back to “Football” speed.

During his time at Ohio State, Sheffield recorded 75 tackles, forced two fumbles, and had two interceptions. He was a game changer for Ohio State. He has a lot of the skill-sets that you want in a cornerback. He is a physical guy and can flat out run, even when he is beat down the field, he can make up a distance really quick. His maturity with letting things happen without forcing the issue is rare. He is very patient and does not allow bad plays to dictate him. He loves a challenge being matched-up to the number one wide receiver that will face him.

Time will only tell with how long Sheffield will be out for.


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